Why Systems Biology?

Systems biology is an interdisciplinary subject where the systems of biological components are studied using mathematical models, computational models and experimental technologies such as genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics. It includes application and development of systems biological methods with particular emphasis on integration, analysis and modelling of big data within the field of molecular biosciences.

Mardinoglu Lab

Mardinoglu Lab has achieved recognition for its innovative research in the fields of systems biology, metabolic diseases, and oncology. The lab’s extensive work encompasses the utilization of advanced multi-omics approaches to unravel the complexities of various diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer, thereby shedding light on the intricate molecular mechanisms underlying these conditions. The research outputs have been significant in exploring novel therapeutic strategies and interventions for prevalent diseases, providing comprehensive insights into cellular behaviors, gene expression landscapes, and metabolic crosstalk in varied pathological states. The lab has also developed pioneering tools for interactive visualization and analysis of multi-omics data, facilitating an integrated understanding of biological systems and aiding in the identification of potential therapeutic targets in conditions like liver diseases. The lab’s contributions have been published in esteemed journals and have received accolades for their profound impact on the fields of molecular biology and medicine.