Mardinoglu Lab

We create biological networks to identify drug targets and discover biomarkers for the development of the efficient treatment strategies.

Our research

Recent Publication

Systematic transcriptional analysis of human cell lines for gene expression landscape and tumor representation

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Find the best human cell line model for your experiment

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Systems medicine has the potential to elucidate the onset and progression of complex metabolic diseases through the use of computational approaches.


Our matters arising about the critical role of serine metabolism has been published in Nature Metabolism.

We are excited to announce the publication of our new research paper in Translational Neurodegeneration, presenting promising findings related to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Recent Publications

In our study published in Nature Communication, the expression of all human protein-coding genes in more than 1,000 human cell lines representing 27 cancer types was investigated using genome-wide transcriptomics analysis.

In our study published in Advanced Science, hepatic steatosis (HS) pathogenesis was deciphered using multiomics data form 56 heterogenous MAFLD patients.

Mardinoglu Lab

Mardinoglu lab at SciLifeLab develop computational model to analyze biological data and understand the underlying biological principles in health and disease. The lab’s research focuses on systems biology and medical bioinformatics to identify biomarkers and drug targets for novel treatment strategies.